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Team 601
Wes Diers: Earth Science
Fran Faulk: Math
Alicia Piascik:Language Arts
Wes Sanders: Social Studies

Team 602
Jeanne Anderson:
Amy Dalton
: Math
Lauren Rountree: Language Arts
Shelley Scott: Social Studies

Team 603
Chad Brannon
: Science
Megan Baldwin: Math
Amy Myers: Language Arts
Donna Sorrells: Social Studies

Team 605
Laura Diers
Buffy Hankinson

6th STEAM Team
Sarah Cosey
: Language Arts and Social Studies
Stefanie Hildebrand: Math and Science

Team 701
Lauren Kennedy – Social Studies
Laura Miller – Social Studies
Jessica Pringle – Math
Lucas Weaver Life Science

Team 702
Mike Cantrell– Social Studies
Olivia Soehner– Language Arts
Melinda Thomas – Life Science
Amanda Vandeford – Math

Team 703
Angela Dean
– Language Arts
Danielle Habeeb– Math
Kristin Howell – Science
Anetra Pattman-Wright – Social Studies

7th STEAM Team
Brittney Thurmond – Science and Math
Abby Barnes – Language Arts and Social Studies

Team 801
Courtney Boehlke
Physical Science
Chad Daniel – Georgia Studies
Ashley Hoy– Language Arts
Jenny Johnson– Math

Team 802
Michael Barton
– Math
Kong Heu
– Social Studies
Raechel Hunt – Language Arts
Allison Miller– Science

Team 803
Brittany Bennett
– Science
– Language Arts
Kim Marsden – Math
Rachel Nuss– Georgia Studies

Team 804
Lana Cannon
– Science
Ashley Fry
– Math
Natalie Jones– Language Arts
Scott White– Georgia Studies

Pre-ASP Program
Carrie Luthi

Meg Barber –  Engineering and Robotics
Tara Bowers Healthcare Science

Suzanne Caylor –  Graphic Art Design and Yearbook
Crystal Colley – Art
Alexandra Daigle– Theater Arts
Griffith/Muldrow–  Band
Dana Harrell –  Chorus
Molly Herrin –  Read 180
Brad Hillman –  Physical Education
Dora Jarrard –  LLI
Kathy Jones –  Family and Consumer Science
Jase Latty – Physical Education
Jennifer Mardos –  Spanish
Todd McCutcheon –  ISS
Kasey Moody –  Agricultural Education
Stephanie Smith –  Math Support

Kim Alford –  Counselor
Monica Allen– Counselor
Samantha Artman– Paraprofessional
Lauria Bennett– Paraprofessional
Claire Boehlke– Paraprofessional
Amy Bowdoin –  Special Education Teacher
Rebecca Bronnum –  Assistant Principal
Jena Brown– Front Office
Lisa Bruce– Head Custodian
David Coberly– Special Education Teacher
Elise Coberly- Special Education Teacher
Thomas Cruse– Custodian
Kayla Duncan– Special Education Teacher
William Earnest– Custodian
Tiffany Finch– Paraprofessional
Jose Garcia– Custodian
Maria Garcia– Custodian
Cana Gray-Lopez –  Paraprofessional
Stephen Greene –  Assistant Principal
Patrick Harrigan– Assistant Principal
Harlie Howington– Paraprofessional
Brenda Humphrey –  Custodian
Carol Ionetz Media Resource Specialist
Terri Jamison –  Bookkeeper
Shawanna Kelly-Special Education Chairperson
Michelle Kitchens –  Special Education Teacher
Abby Kurbes –  Special Education Teacher
Amy Lajgot– Special Education Teacher
Katie Leigh– Speech-Language Pathologist
Lisa McIlwain– Paraprofessional
Lorna Morris– Paraprofessional
Sandra Nix –  Food Services
David Peek –  Media Resource Specialist
LaCava Ross– Counselor
Cheryl Smith –  Paraprofessional
Erica Thomas– Paraprofessional
Cindy Thompson –  Paraprofessional
Tifanie Townley– Special Education Teacher
Robyn Weidler –  Speech
Lauren Whitaker – Special Education
Stephen Whittaker –  Special Education
Sarah Woodruff– Paraprofessional


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