Bus Route Information

Tips for Finding Your Student’s Bus Route and Location

These instructions are designed to be used for students that attend the school in the attendance zone which their residence is located.

  1. Click onhttp://elink.jackson.k12.ga.us/elinkrp/
  2. Type user name (guest) Type password (password)
  3. Click work with students
  4. Click on School/Transportation Search
  5. Select the grade your child will be attending.
  6. Enter house number and street number
  7. Click on find school transportation info
  8. Determine school of attendance
  9. Determine the bus number
  10. Determine the approximate time of arrival
  11. Determine the assigned bus stop
  12. Be at the stop with your student ten minutes before the approximate stop time


The route and stop times will become more consistent after the first week of school and should stabilize within two weeks of the start of school. If you can not find your street name by searching the document, search for the nearest intersecting street to your street. If not found, continue searching the streets nearest your street of residence until you find a stop location that is within two tenths of a mile of your residence (that is the furthest distance any student is required to walk to the bus stop from their home driveway). If you are unable to find a stop within 2/10 of a mile of your residence, or if you need assistance finding a stop, please contact WJMS at 706-654-2775.